Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Superstar And His Beloveds

Source Cine Blitz Archieves Feb 1975

ZEENAT:She’s amazing.She’s a demon for work and she has no inhibitions.If she like you,she likes you;you could easily go crazy over Zeenat.

SHARMILA:We’re old friends through many hits and a couple of flops.She understands me.She’s sophisticated.We’ve never had any ego clashes.Well –hardly ever!Rinku is the most interesting women I’ve known.

MOUSHMI:She was always the spoilt child of the star family.Loves pampering,petting.I hope she’s outgrown her old habit of flopping down on people’s laps when they least expect it!Her unpredictability is delightful.

MUMTAZ:She’s a complete professional where her work is concerned.There,she won’t concede any ground to me.Off the sets she’s outspoken,frank and loyal.We’ve made many jubilees together.She’s been my luckiest co-star.

TANUJA:A tomboy.Argues like a man.Smokes and drinks like a man.And brutually frank.The kind who’ll call a spade a bloody shovel.But her heart is all woman…Tanu can be a loyal friend to those whom she loves.

HEMA:She’s a really a very luckys star.Our Prem Nagar was a jubilee hit and we’re pairing again.Hema is warm-hearted,a good friend.She badly needs someone in her personal life who would tune in on the same wavelength as hers.

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