Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bejan Daruwalla prediction for Rajesh Khanna

On June 10 ,1967 Rajesh Khanna walked the full length of the Sea Lounge, Taj Hotel, in great embarrassment and self consciousness because a madcap astrologer wanted to study and research his gait.Rajesh walked three times and blushed and sat down with relief.Immediately the astrologer said" beta you will rise to the top..."
Rajesh was terribly impressed by it all. He wrote in the diary of the astrologer" dear Sir,
Good Luck to you and your capabilities."
That astrologer was yours truly .. Bejun D..
and he was not hopelessly off the mark.. That i was right about a marriage and a separation, a temporary fall in his career graph is a different matter. Here are a few salient feature about Rajesh Khanna from an old diary: Extraordinarily ambitious; with immense drive; thanks to Sun in Capricorn slightly inhibited although he will deny it until he is blue in the face, as he has Moon in Virgo, lucky but sensitive and snappy, thanks to Jupiter in Cancer. born for success because he is a 3 three as a destiny number. Scheming intelligent self willed, as there is a gap between the head and life line. He will ceratinly die in harness as there three fate lines traversing the mount of Saturn. Also scandals and wagging tongues will follow him he will be famous controversial and moody , publicity conscious and exceptionally charming to the opposite number with the possibility of a second marriage. Dimple and he will never be together on a permanent basis or a happy one. By my system of fortune telling at least one or two great love dramas await him and he will be there for the plucking.
On or after his sixtieth year,Rajesh will gain a new lease on real life and the cinematic world.For the life of me I cannot divine what it is exactly. But it is phenomenal luck agin in his chart." 
This I have kept on a scarp of paper torn from magazine from a long time ago.
Let us hope the astrologer is right.


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