Monday, January 5, 2009

Story of Rajesh Khanna debut

During the united talent hunt contest conducted by filmfare magazine in 1965 there were four winners Subhash Ghai,Dheeraj Kumar,Farida Jalal and ofcourse Rajesh Khanna.
Amongst the judges was the veteran filmmaker B.R.Chopra who had a very good eye for new talent.He noticed that this handsome young man stoodout from the other winners and he also showed the same spark which he had seen in Dilip Kumar after waching his debut movie Jwar Bhatta in 1944.At that time in 1944 B.R.Chopra was a journalist and not a filmmaker.
B.R.Chopra immediately signed Rajesh Khanna for his movie Raaz opposite Babita.During the making of Raaz he also signed up Aakhri Khat,Baharon Ke Sapne and Aurat which were actually art movies of that time.And to say that the credit of doing only art movies went to Naseeruddin Shah,Om Puri,Smita Patil,Shabana Azmi,etc was actually begun by Rajesh Khanna who became a very successful commercial film hero later.Raaz was released in early 1967 follwed by Aakhri Khat,Baharon Ke Sapne and Aurat in the very same year.These films did not do well at the the box office,but were critically acclaimed and Rajesh Khanna's performance as an actor was appreciated.


  1. I think Raaz was made by G P Sippy - correct me if I am wrong.